QLMesh 2.0 - QuickLook plugin

QLMesh - New version (2.0) of QuickLook plugin for working with 3d models, based of OpenAsset framework.

Switching to Hugo CMS
I am switching CMS to Hugo. Easy and quite comfortable to work with, Disqus support (finally some comments on the site) with option to run on Google Application Engine. PS: Works better and faster than expected - I am already running new site at GAE.
QLMesh - QuickLook plugin

QLMesh - QuickLook plugin for previewing 3d models, based of OpenAsset framework.

Github projects
Check out some of projects I continue at http://github/ppiecuch: Shallow-water-fluid-simulator, FluidSolver and Vector. I have updated these projects to be working with the latest Qt versions.
NeuroCube for Blackberry

NeuroCube at Blackbrry AppWorld. Mind blowing puzzle game for Blackberry devices.

I continue developement of libRocket editor: Rockete. Many improvments and new features - you can read more about this on my blog here: http://komsoft.homeip.net/rockete.
Water Simulation
Just submitted to AppStore much improved water simulation - now with some more animation of plants and animals. It is free, so enjoy :)
New Fallling Sand
New major upgrade of Falling Sand : hi-res simulation field for iPad, new set of icons and brand new Blackberry version.
Word War vi on AppStore (FREE)
Check out Word War vi on AppStore - it is FREE now. Wordwarvi, or ‘Word War vi’, is an old school ‘80’s style side scrolling space shoot’em up arcade game. It presents a very nice balance between retro style and entertaining gameplay. It is about the battle between the two venerable unix editors, vi, and emacs. 0 The Story … 1 In the beginning, there was ed. 2 Ed is the standard text editor.
Promotion for Amazing Spider is over - but now they are priced 0.99USD only.
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