"Only you can save our World
Do not let the colonists die
Our faith overcomes Imperial Fleet
Join us and become a Hero!"

Cross The Final Frontier with AstroBlaster - shoot and kill all your astro-enemies.

  • several attractive levels
  • skills match everyone
  • different sound intensity

Hours of the best fun quarantee!

The story and your mission

Blast your way through the space destroying ships of Imperial Fleet.
You are the one who can save the colonists from starvation, slavery and death...
The honour and surivial of the human race is in your hands...
Take up the challenge and fight!
Your name will be uttered with respect and dignity.
Earthlings spread out in the universe will remember you forever.

You are not helpless:
To self-defense your fighter squadron has two special items which help you to live on:
magic astro blast and extra weapon.
Our confederates hid ammunition and shields - it is time to use them!

Some information to help you defeat enemy:

❏ You can use two special items displayed alternately, located at the bottom, middle.
❏ Click the item: there is a clock ticking its activity. After that appears next one.
❏ When red button(magic astro blast mode) is active and you click it, you will lose a fighter but kill everyone and save ammo for next one.
❏ When Nuke sign is active you can use extra weapon: octagonal bomb and multiplied standard ammo
❏ To switch between items you just need to click displayed item and wait for end of its activity
❏ Do not let any enemy skip you - with every passed ship you lose one fighter
❏ Let powerups through to save more points
❏ Let powerups through to get an extra fighter
❏ If you don't play longer than 5 seconds, application will be frozen (automatically entering pause mode)

Collect your powerups:

Ammo powerupShield powerup
You can get three types of ammo powerup: they have different power and diverse time of use. The most powerful is second (violet one), but runs out quickly. If you pass them through you will get 2500 points. These powerups can restore shields(white one) and repair all damages(red one). The most powerful is yellow one: it restores shields to 100% and gives you temporary inviolability. Additionally if you let it through you will get an extra fighter and 2500 points. Shield replenish and damage repairer are even more valuable: you can grab 10000 points for each passed powerup.

Know your enemies:

Space Cannon
These enemies are simple: flying and shooting only straight forward. Every shot down ship gives you 75 points.
These look like mines, but watch out: can fire tracking your location. Give 25 points.
Laser Light
These ones usually appear in mid-level and have more dangerous ammo, but you can get 1000 points. They never pass the bottom of the screen.
One of the most valuable vessel, you can obtain 1500 points. They can shoot two types of ammo!
Blue Flea
Small ships around you like a cloud of mosquitoes, each killed gnat gives 10 points.
Imperial Cruiser
Killing Imperial finishes every level and increases number of points by 5000. It has three type of weapon which shoot in every direction. It is resistant to magic astro blast item.
Imperial Destroyer
Killing Imperial finishes every level and increases number of points by 5000. It has three type of weapon which shoot in every direction. It is resistant to magic astro blast item. This one also releases a bunch of insects.
These enemies flying and shooting only straight forward, but can follow your movement. Every shot down ship gives you 75 points.
The biggest enemies, difficult to exterminate, with special rocket launcher. Use magic astro blast. Give 5000 points.
Rocks cannot destroy you, but every passed rock cost you a fighter. Each gives you 50 points.

Astro Blaster
Final Frontier

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