I have uploaded Falling Sand 1.1 to the AppStore.
Bad news for iPhone 4 users of Falling Sand - it appeared that there is a strange drawing issue in iOS 4.3 - I am preparing release 1.1 with the fix.
Falling Sand on AppStore
I am on AppStore with Falling Sand - this time this an universal app works with native iPhone and iPad resolution. Application is highly optimized and works smoothly even on iPhone/iPod 3. “This is not a game but a highly addictive toy with thousands of fans around the world.” The idea is just to create paths for the falling grains of sand, salt, water and oil to pass through.
I have implemented iPhone/iPad version of famous Falling Sand game - nice simulation of environment elements - I am waiting now for AppStore review.
I had sent a broken package to AppStore that sadly, has been accepted. I had to remove AstroBlaster from sale. Today it is back! New 1.2b version with even more improvments - like shooting sounds.
There is a strange problem running AstroBlaster on iPad: the screen is mirrored (propably only on iOS 4.2). Seems to be a problem with SDK 4.1 that AstroBlaster is compiled with. Problem disappeared after recompilation with SDK 4.2, so wait a moment if you have only iPad - update is on its way
AstroBlaster - space shooter
And here it comes: space shooter AstroBlaster has just reached AppStore. Only you can save our World Do not let the colonists die Our faith overcomes Imperial Fleet Join us and become a Hero! Cross The Final Frontier with AstroBlaster - shoot and kill all your astro-enemies. several attractive levels skills match everyone different sound intensity Hours of the best fun quarantee! The story and your mission Blast your way through the space destroying ships of Imperial Fleet.
iPad version of AmazingSpider is on sale on AppStore - this time only for 0.99USD. I do not expect many people will be interested in this application - just slight changes in UI and sizes of the assets. The biggest difference is that at the end you can have 7 spiders on the screen. Anyway - looks quite fine. Latest version for iPad: Screencast (from ver. 1.9): Watch spiders jumping while you shake (from ver.
I am still working on final version of AmazingSpider (2.0): bugfixing and mostly Retina display support - I received several negative comments about quality of application on iPhone4.
AmazingSpider for Bada
Bada version of AmazingSpider has been one of the 300 qualifiers of Bada Developers Challange - Simulator Phase. Soon I will put it in Bada Applications Store.
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