Word War vi on AppStore (FREE)
Check out Word War vi on AppStore - it is FREE now. Wordwarvi, or ‘Word War vi’, is an old school ‘80’s style side scrolling space shoot’em up arcade game. It presents a very nice balance between retro style and entertaining gameplay. It is about the battle between the two venerable unix editors, vi, and emacs. 0 The Story … 1 In the beginning, there was ed. 2 Ed is the standard text editor.
Promotion for Amazing Spider is over - but now they are priced 0.99USD only.
Falling Sand is in AppWorld : http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/93455/
PlayBook (QNX) version of Falling Sand has been submitted to BlackBerry App World.
You can find sources of Word War vi at: http://code.google.com/p/ppiecuch-projects/, splited in two pieces: modifications to the original sources (eg. additional chars, new layout etc) and some of my iOS specific sources and resources. They are fully free to use.
Word War vi is out. I am just preparing OSS sources and some of the other game’s resoures to be released here soon.
Amazing Spider is free - both for the iPhone and iPad. Merry Christmas to everyone :)
I am finishing iPad port/version of Word War vi game (http://wordwarvi.sourceforge.net)
Another update to Falling Sand has been sent to AppStore: this time with several bugfixes and new Settings panel for control several game’s parameters.
Cosmetics Tester is on AppStore - helps you to read manufacture date of your cosmetics. Take a look at several photos of examples of batch/lot codes. This application helps you to read manufacture date of your cosmetics. It is determined on the basis of the batch/lot code. Each company has its own format for this code. And it can be also a good indicator of whether a product is fake or not.
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