QLMesh - QuickLook plugin

QLMesh - QuickLook plugin for previewing 3d models, based of OpenAsset framework.

QLMesh is small but useful QuickLook plugin showing a preview of various well-known 3D model formats. All formats provided by the Open Asset Import Library (http://http://assimp.sourceforge.net) are supported: 3d, 3ds, ac, ac3d, acc, ase, ask, assbin, b3d, blend, bvh, cob, csm, dae, dxf, enff, fbx, hmp, ifc, ifczip, irr, irrmesh, lwo, lws, lxo, md2, md3, md5anim, md5camera, md5mesh, mdc, mdl, mesh, mesh.xml, mot, ms3d, ndo, nff, obj, off, ogex, pk3, ply, prj, q3o, q3s, raw, scn, smd, stl, ter, uc, vta, x, xgl, xml, zgl.


Because AppStore applications are sandboxed, access to the other files than the model is restricted (I am planning some workaround for this problem in the next release). Unrestricted plugin renders fully textured models, like these ones:

QLMesh supports previewing some compressed textures formats: dds, etc/pkm, ktx and pvr. Mipmaps are also supported and displayed as a multipage preview.

Companion application allows you to configure some import options, select image for missing textures and set default material for models without textures and materials specified. It is also possible to browser the history of files previewed with QLMesh.


  • Not all my models show preview.
    QLMesh is using Open Assets Import LIbrary for reading and decoding model files. Only formats supported by Assimp are displayed. Also some of the formats are exists in many variants and extensions that might not be fully supported by the library.

  • Some of my models building preview long.
    QuickLook frameworks kills a plugin if building the preview is last more than a few seconds. For big models it might happen.

  • Some textures are not shown on the model.
    QLMesh looks for textures in several default places: in the folder of the model, in texture, textures, tex subfolders. Also for Daz models, the search path. Drop me a note, if this should be changed.

  • I am an experienced developer - I want to know more about the import process.
    You can enable some logging information by executing on terminal: defaults write com.komsoft.QLMesh qlmesh_debug 1. Now, for non-sandboxed application, next to the each model, a log file with basic summary is created. For sanboxed application, more information is printed to the console.

New features Roadmap

  • Texture formats preview.
    Integrating preview of common texture formats: ETC. KTX, PVR.
    (Available in version 1.1 - inlcuding mipmaps support)
  • Multi-image preview.
    Display separate image for each view.
  • Textured models preview.
    Sanboxing process preventing from reading external textures for the model - workaround for this limitation.
  • LDR/MPD support.
    Previewing Lego models.
  • Biomedical formats.
    Support for common biomedical 3d formats/models.
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